Genitourinary Therapeutic Products


OptMed is developing a proprietary therapeutic platform for the treatment of a range of genitourinary disorders based on the local delivery of diazepam to relax the smooth muscle of the lower urogenital tract. Smooth muscle overactivity underlies a range of common urogenital disorders, including overactive bladder (OAB) and urolithiasis (kidney stones).

Diazepam is currently marketed by other companies to treat unrelated neurological disorders and the drug has a long and extensive history of safe use. Local delivery of diazepam directly to the smooth muscle cells of the urogenital tract is designed to relax the underlying targeted muscles while minimizing the drug's well-established systemic central nervous system effects. OptMed has filed two patent applications for the use of diazepam in OAB and kidney stones.

OptMed Genitourinary Programs

OptMed's Repurposed Diazepam (Valium®):
  • Unique mechanism to relax genitourimary smooth muscles
  • Local delivery to minimize side effects